Sunday, 11 September 2016

Updated skincare routine

After 2 and a half year of the same skincare routine I thought my skin could use some change.
This summer I have eaten a lot more and a lot more unhealthier than normally and that has shown on my skin. I'm trying to get back intp the healthy circle again, so I thought I would take my skin care routine with me in the progress.

I recently invested in the Lancôme "Energie De Vie" range. I started with just falling in love with the packaging, i loved the green and freshness of it, but when I started reading about it sounded like what my face could need.
Only a few of the things in this routine is from my old one, you can read the old one HERE.

In the evening:

The first thing I do is I wash my face twice in the Dermalogica Clear Start "Foaming Wash". After the cleanse with the face wash I apply the Lancôme Energie Die Vie "The overnight recovery sleeping mask" A little goes a long way!

 In the morning: 

I then wash my face once in the same face wash from Dermalogica (Clear Start "Foaming Wash") to get away all the night cream that might not have got into the skin, and to remove any bacteria and dirt - a lot happens to our face over night, guys!

After the was I apply a little of the Energie Die Vie "Pearly Lotion" to a cotton pad and put it onto my face. This really makes it wake up! I feel likie my face seems more "awake" and fresh and glowy after a nights sleep that often for me isn't the best sleep you could have had. This Pealry Lotion also helps your moisturizer to get bette rinto your skin, which leads me to the next step:

After the Perly Lotion I apply my daily moisturizer, the Vichy "Normaderm" cream. Only a little as I feel like this cream give a lot of moist to your face, and if I apply too much I will find my face being greasy during the day.

Once in a while:

Twice a week I use the Dermalogica Clear Start "Pore Control Scrub" in the shower. And if it's a day where you just feel your skin needs a little extra, you can apply the Lancôme Night mask as a mask and remove it adter 10-15 minutes.

Until next time,
x Sofie


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