Wednesday, 5 October 2016

3 Århundraden Café, Sweden

Oh, how I miss Sweden so I finally thought it was time to bring back some Swedish summer memories - and one of my little summer secrets;

My Swedish friend took me to this little café in Berga, a small town a little away from Högsby (where we are staying in Sweden) that is a little away from Oskarshamn. t's funny how such a little café in a little town can be popular, but it is apperently - And for a good reason:

First of all I loved the coffee. It was the first cup of coffee i drank, and enjoyed, which is the keyword here. Because I enjoyed every moment. Not only because of the food (that was really good) but also because of my great company with a similar soul.

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Now to the food,because it was so so amazing. Not only did I looove the coffee, but I loved the cake even more (and yes it is possible to love a cake so much)
There was so many cakes (and cookies and coffees) to choose from, and of course I had to get the blueberry "kladd" (that on Swedish is a chocolate cake apparently?) and you know my love for blueberries from this post.

And I can promise you, I have to go back and try each and every cake in that place. Because oh my, I wish I had a picture of the display so you could see - and smell - the goodness.

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Not only is it an amazing café, but it is also an antique/vintage/flea market (swedish: loppis) when you walk in the door next to the little café. This loppis is apparently really popular as it is only open on Sundays and Saturdays.

It is really nice to first grab a good cup of coffee and a really, really good cake and then go into thee antique butique. Or do it the other way around: go on antique haunt and when you're tired and need a "Pick me up" you go to the café - it is perfect!

Until next time,
x Sofie


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