Thursday, 13 October 2016

Casual meets classy... And all the things in between

 It is that tame of the year, when it over night goes from 20 degrees, to 10 degrees and the mornings are misty and freezing and when you leave school you need scarfs and gloves on your way home.

This season is for me also when all my basic pieces finds its way back into my everyday-wardrobe. I go from the summers colourful and playful looks, to the dark, sophisticated, basic looks.

The story behind...
 But this season also means you can't control this weather. This outfit was planned ahead as well as the shooting. It was perfect in my mind and I had found the most perfect shot for the "storytelling" of this one - not far away from my school which meant I could bring my camera and all the other stuff i needed for shooting it with me to school. But when I arrive at school with my stuff, it starts raining and it never stops. Like never. It was raining the whole day, and I had to cancel the shoot and do a back-up when I got home.

But when I finally got home after waiting on a bus for half an hour it's dark and even though I had planned to do it by a window, it wasn't enough light to make the photos non blurry. Plus, my mom had to take the photos, as my friend who originally had to take the photos needed to go with another bus now we could not shoot. So I had to get my mom to take the photos, and for some reason my camera and my mom don't go along very well, so it ended up being not at all as I wanted it to.
I've talked about this before HERE, and you just need to accept that you can't control everything - especially not the weather!


So back to the outfit: I find that autumn is the perfect time for my blazers that makes a simple outfit more classy, and I love them with just a simple t-shirt underneath or for a more chilly day with a roll-neck underneath.
To still keep the casual and easy looks from the summer I just wear some light denim jeans with a belt. And to pop it a little up (and the reason I'm not wearing shoes) I have my glitter socks, that I adore!

What I'm wearing: 

Roll-neck from InWear
Blazer from H&M
Belt from H&M

Jeans from Cheap Monday
Socks from Pieces via Vila


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