Monday, 3 October 2016

Daisy Blue Candles

I was so lucky that I last week got send these beautiful and nice smelling candles from Daisy Blue and I fell in love right away. When I opened my box it was an incredible smell of cinnamon that hit me mixed with this fresh yet sweet smell.
When I got the candles out of the box I was then hit with the cute packaging of the candles. The little blue flower on a stylish and classic look - yet with personality and cuteness.

I've got two different candles; Cinnamon and orange in a jar and oh my goodness it smells like autumn and Christmas and falling leaves and snow all at once. I'm so in love with this and has it burning every evening while I read

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I also got sent another one called Angels Kiss which is in a little tin box with a lid. This style is so cute and fits so good into my "old style" I have in my room, where the other candles fit into the "edgy, classy and stylish" decor in my room. So I had no doubt in where this fitted in. It looks so cute next to my little jewelry tea cup.
The sent of this is so different from the cinnamon and orange one; it is light and fresh, yet cold and good for the cold and cozy days to come.

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The candles not only look and smell god, they also blend into their surroundings in a good way. They are not bold and bright and irritating for the eye, but classic, stylish and yet cute.
I love to ahve them around in my room, because they blend in, and yet they are new so I see them, and they makes me so happy and excited to get into bed with a good book or a magazine with the sent of cinnamon in the background, I'm ready to sleep when blow out the lights.

You can check out Daisy Blue HERE and get your own candles, they are worth it!

Until next time,
x Sofie


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