Saturday, 15 October 2016

Let's talk about: Body confidence and self love

Okay, a whole new thing for me is uploding pictures like this onto my blog. It is not because I have problem with uploading pictures of me showing my stomach, it is more what people say about this pictures that scares me - especially friends and family. But let me just take you inside my thoughts for a moment, read on:

A thing I have thought about lately is that we should not be so shy about ourselves. I'm shy about myself all the time, whether it is about my body or telling people I'm a blogger. And why am I shy about these things, when it is things I'm actually okay with and even proud of? Why are we thinking so much about what other people are thinking of us? 
Why? Because as I see it; it is a good thing that I like my own body, and it is a good thig that I'm proud of it, and proud of who I am and what I do, and it is so brave to show that in an online world, where people mostly are tearing each other down. Should we not celebrate that instead of the whispering in the corners about what other people do?

Wearing: Tommy Hilfiger x Gigi Hadid

For me, loving myself and my body has been a rollercoaster, because you always have some kind of an idea of what you want to be that it makes what you look like unpleasing to look at in the mirror. I love social medias, that is no secret, but all of these things you see online, makes you think of yourself a certain way and is most likely the place where you get the idea of what you want to look like. But for me the social medias has also made me aware of what I don't want to be like.

It has taken time, but I feel like I am now in a balance with what I look like, what I think and what I eat and what I do. You know, all those pretty vegan foods on Instagram, hell yeah they look good and taste good, but so does a hotdog. And just because a hotdog isn't "Instagram worthy" doesn't mean I don't eat it. I have eaten a piece of cake the last four days in a row (sorry, sober October!) but to be honest I still feel healthier than if I had said no to those cakes. I feel healthy because I ate those cakes, and still want's to post a picture of me in underwear. If I did not eat these cakes just because I already had a piece of cake the other day (and the day before that) it would not be healthy in the same way. It would be healthy for my body - but is the same as having a healthy mind?

So for me I have finally found a balance, I hope. A balance that some weeks I eat salads, run, eat vegetarian, and only eat sweets on Fridays and Saturdays, and some weeks, like this one, there is cake everywhere I go, and of course I need to enjoy myself a little. I couldn't be me if I didn't do what I wanted to and ate what I liked to.
I do still eat my vegetables though. Remember those, kids, then you should be good to go! ;)

Body confidence is being proud of who you are, what you do and what you decide to feed your body with - just remember to treat yourself a little now and then if you "go green"- you deserve it, I'm sure of that!
Be proud of who you are, and if you are proud of who you are, you hould not let the fear of what others are thinking stop you. Be you.

Until next time,
x Sofie

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