Thursday, 20 October 2016

My own favourites - What I'm proud of

When I started my blog for over one and a half year ago, no one read it and no one showed an interest. Today I have a logo I have worked together with Bomedo about and I have people reading what I'm rambling on about.
I thought I would do a flashback to all the blogposts I'm the most proud of. Because of course I have a few darlings:

The first one is of course my logo by Bomedo. I'm just so proud, and I hope you will support me and Bomedo and give their probelms a look. HERE

My all time favourite post has to be this one. First of all I'm so happy with the photos and how they turned out. And secondly "Blending in" I'm so proud of the text and the meaning behind. It is one close to the heart. HERE

This post inspired by my favourite nail polish "In Stitches", I just really love the outfit and how putted it together with the jewelty. And I should start buying flowers for shoots more often.. HERE

Compared to Blending in, this one "Sea Blue"s photos turned out not at all as I had imagined them, but that just made me write a text that is so true, and I learned a lot from myself. HERE

Another quite new post is also one I'm proud of. The photos go well with the text - but I could fo once have used a grey cloud and not sunshine! Anyway, this text is also a personal one and close to the heart. I'm happy I got this off my heart HERE

This one is good, because it is so true. I'm talking about how brands and the image of the things you wear affect what things we buy instead of the price and quality. It's quite interesting, and I wrote about this, as I almost let myself down. HERE

Last but not least I love when I'm somewhere cool shooting. This one is especially cool for me, as I love the look of this. For me it screams happiness, summer and joy and I love having it on my blog because of the different location. Check out Yellow Fields HERE


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