Sunday, 2 October 2016

New Logo!!!

I can now say that the exciting thing I've been working on since the beginning of June now is here!
If you've checked on the blog you may already have seen it: my new logo!

My new logo is from Bomedo. Bomedo is a Danish design taking place in the heart of Copenhagen. Bomedo creates patent posters and cushions in high quality.
Each artprint has a personality, and I can asure you, that you will find something in their posters or written on their cushions, that describes you, your hobby, you way of living, your city, ect ect.

From Bomedo's website I found what now is my logo.  I instantly fell in love with this poster called "Compas" and I knew I had found it; my new logo. I had for a long time felt like I needed a logo and when I started my blog back in February last year I actually used a photo of a compas as my background photo.
What I love about this compas (and Bomedo) is that is is so simple and minimalistic. It represents in someway the Scandinavian lifestyle that I love, and I blog about. So I took the chance and here I am with a logo from a Danish design, representing the Scandinavian style and the "Somewhere" in my name.

Because somewhere is anywhere and I hope my new logo, my compas, the compas of my blog, will lead you around my blog, back to my blog and around to all these amazing brands I talk about and I love. And I hope it will lead you to Bomedo, because their work is truly amazing.

You can get a 20% off Bomedo with the code Somwhere20

I hope you love my new logo, look and idea for the blog (and Bomedo) as much as I do. I'm so proud of this opportunity and so proud that my blog have a "real" logo.
Thank you to Bomedo and thank YOU for reading, supporting and the nice words on the way.

Until next time,
x Sofie

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