Saturday, 1 October 2016

Sober October

So this was an idea me and my boyfriend came up with. The name is probably already taken, but what so ever, because he we come, Sober October!

I've been really ill with a flu two times within a very short time (6 weeks with one and a half of being feeling really bad) and I've thought about it, and to be honest that isn't really a good sign of my health.
So for my sober October is not only for "No alcohol" it's also for getting my body back on track again which for me means:

  • Get back into a good rutine of running and workout - or just anything active!
  • No alcohol - I went a bit crazy in Sptember, oops...
  • Get back to healthy eating - this doen't mean no sweets, it just means I wont eat sweets everyday just because I feel sorry for myself for being ill.
  • Getting my skin rutine back again - after I've been ill I din't have the energy to do it, and when I ate bad it showed in my skin. You can read about my skin care rutine right HERE
  • (Maybe) take some extra vitamins so I can get my immune defense back up again - some of you said on my Instagram I should eat garlic and ginger, worth a try?
And hopefully when my body is back on track again, I can begin to be more creative with my blog (I'm sorry I've felt like I've had a lack in good post due to low energy because of illness) and hopefully get my life back to a happy, active life with energy to handle school, homewotk, friends, work, blog, boyfriend, family - the list goes on and on and I'm getting tired of thinking about it, but that will end now! 

Healthy life, healthy body, healthy mind - Sober October here I come!

Until next time,
x Sofie

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