Saturday, 5 November 2016

The Royal opera, Copenhagen

Oh. My. God. What an experience!
As you may know from my Instagram  that T and I were lucky enough to get tickets to the world famous opera La Bohéme, when it were in Copenhagen. And I'm so happy about it.

I know absolutely nothing about opera, but I loved it! I didn't even notice it was opera, I was too much into the story and the setting - and everything to be honest! This experience was magical from the moment we walked into the Royal Opera House in Copenhagen. The hall with its giant and beautifal lamps, that looks almost like Christmas ornaments. It sparkles and brought joy and started the Christmas feeling in me - and you know already by now how much I love Christmas!

But the scene itself is even more fascinating. It looks like you walk into the tribe of an old, giant tree! and on the inside.. I can't even describe it, I will just let the picture speak for themself further down...

What I'm wearing:
Midi knit dress from H&M
Black boots from H&M
Flower bag from unknown brand

(about pictures below:) Just as I told you: As pretty as it is on the outside; as pretty and fascinating is it on the inside! And believe it or not, but we were on 5th row!

La Bohéme is the sad, beautiful and tragic story about Rodolfo; a writer who burns his masterpiece of a story to keep himself and his friends warm during the days up to Christmas. When one friend comes and invites them all to dinner, Rodolfo wants to stay home and finish his article. This is when he meets Mimi; a young woman who lives of being a tailor. They fall endlessly in love and have the time of their life.
But Mimi is terrible sick and will not survive.
The heartbreaking story about how love will find each other no matter what seems like the most logical thing to do, and no matter what happens, the love of two people will let them be together.

So I would highly recommend going somewhere to see an opera! I can't explain how much it has given me. If you are a young (student) in Denmark and are interested in opera, I would really check out THIS it gives young people under 30 years the opportunity to attend stuff like this. Because an opera ticket is expensive, so you can get into and opera for only 150DKK (15 pounds)
Do it for you, it is worth it!

Until next time,
x Sofie


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