Tuesday, 7 February 2017

2 years of Somewhere Scandinavian

 Can you believe it?! 2 years ago today I started this blog. I cannot tell you how glad I am to say that I followed my dream, and still follows it. I love to use my voice like this, not keep it to myself, but speak up and help you. As I'm writing this, this blog has been seen 33.904 times. I repeat: 33.904 times!! I cannot tell you how happy I am for your love and support.

A lot have hampend the past 2 years, and luckily I have it all collected right here in my little corner of the internet. But what is going to happen in the next year?
 Let me tell you:


I'm going to Rome in March and I'm so so so excited! I cannot wait to just walk around and get lost with my friends. Of course I will bring my camera along so I can show you when I'm back home!
I'm also having a little plan about going to New Zealand in the end of 2017... To be continued!
And of course I cannot stay away from Copenhagen - many more post about my beloved city will come, I can promise you this!
And of course I will show you all the little things, that life has coming. All the things we didn't plan to become an adventure.


Oh, I love clothes, shoes, bags, hats... everything! And the past month my style has gone insane (and expensive and therefore unattainable for me, sadly) and I feel like I finally have found my personal style and felt so much more confident. I'm putting my heart and soul into every outfit. That is also why I'm thinking of doing a "My week in outfits" every now and then, and see how it goes - and then maybe do it every week? You know what I say: Dress like you are going to blog about it - and everytime I'm wearing a bomb outfit I'm so sad I never show you, and I don't want my instagram to become only outfits.
And of course I will do my outfit post per usual and do a little text about nothing and everything and talk and talk and talk.


My passion. I love to photograph, and it is a goal of mine to become better at it, know more about it and do it more often. And I want to share it more, and get your feedback on how I'm doing. I have a lot of photography from December I still haven't showed, so maybe that would be a start?
I'm still think travel diaries in photos, so when I get back from Rome I will also share my photography from there. Uh, I'm so excited to get back doing my thing!


We can't live without it. No one function without it, so of course it will be a part of Somewhere Scandinavian in 2017! Actually I already have two new food post planned on this cake and drink you see in the picture - healthier but yummier alternatives to "bad food" - and that is what we are all about!
But of course we need to have our cheat days, so you wont be missing the unhealthier food either, promise!


I've had a down month all December and most of January, and so has my face to be honest. No glow, lots of spots and dry skin that didn't want to work together with makeup. So I have been taking care of my skin (still the same skin routine as here on the blog) and now I'm ready to try out make-up again - it is not my strongest side, but I want to get better and I'm sharing all my fails and successful moments with you! The first thing I have planned is actually my spring make-up wish list!


This is what I do the best - talk about what comes directly from my heart. And I have a lot in my heart after a long and sad winter, so I'm ready to talk and share my experiences and give you the best piece of advice I can. Talk about what I have learned. Because to be honest I'm just a seventeen-year old high school girl who fucks up a lot, and try to make her life way more "instagram-able" than it is. I do not carry my giant Canon camera with me everywhere - not at all - but I also want to try and share all the stuff I snap with my shitty iPhone-quality, so I can get to show you even better who I am. Let it be personal - isn't that what blogging was about in the beginning?

And that is my wish:

Until next time,
x Sofie


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