Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Cool leo-cat

You may have spotted, that the leopard print is back in the game! And nev er have I ever thought that I actually would come to love this print. I've always seen it as a bad pop-girl-porn-star- thing (I'm sorry) but I think we have finally found the way to style it!

Of course the most worn item in the leo-print is the coat. And my dream coat must be THIS ONE from H&M. When spring gets here I would rather wear THIS cropped bikerjacket with a white shirt underneath.

But if you are a little more unsure of the jacket that just wants all the attention, I here have a collection of how I wouls style a little more "shy leopard", so you dint it in the details - but you also know me AND my crazy style, so of course there is also a few insane things.

From the picture above:
Black Denim jacket with leopard details HERE
Cropped jacket with leopard chiffon ribbon HERE
Black block pumps with leopard on the heels HERE
Sheer leopard  high neck top (wear it like this to a praty, og with a t-shirt on top for cool sleeves - the most used style in Scandi at the moment!) HERE
Leopard belt HERE
Black boots with leopard detail HERE
Red/pink leopard coat HERE
Socks HERE
Leopard print skirt HERE
Blue leopard print sweater HERE
Simple white t-shirt with Leopard pocket HERE
Grey leopard skirt HERE

How do you like to style this trend?

Until next time,
x Sofie

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