Friday, 17 February 2017

From day to night: La La Land DK premiere

Wednesday was a good day! I go to do a lot of things in one day, that normally would take me days (thanks to my procrastination-level (sky high)). Besides getting a lot of things done, I also went to work, and directly from work to the sneak premiere of La La Land. So as you hear, I didn't really have a chance to change outfits, so I had to be creative:

I work at H&M so (luckily) I can wear my own clothes, and actually both my top and trousers is from the newest trend-update on the online H&M webshop. I found that the top was dressy and sparkling and would look good in the evening, but dressed it down with neon-blue sneakers. The trousers were just normal black, but with ruffles at the bottom of the legs. With my hair up in a ponytail I was good to go to work.

In the evening i changed out the sneakers with loafers - if it had been a little more fancy event I would have gone for black heels - and then showed of the cute nylon socks with pattern underneath. I took my hair down, thew on a coat of mascara and a red lip. At the moment I'm obsessed with the combination of red and lilac and how they compliment each other. I changed out my work keys with my brown bag from &Copenhagen.

When I got home at night I was sad I dd not have any good pictures than just the snaps from my phone. My boyfriend and I did a mini-shoot in my room with bad lightning - and I actually quite like the result: It is not perfect, not edited, no filter - just me with red eyes after crying over the movie (yes, I need to talk more about this movie it was THAT good) and red cheeks of tiredness and messy hair and a worn off lipstick from all the popcorns - but that is the truth, and I like it. I want to share all the good moment of my life, no matter if it is perfect, instagram-worthy or not.

So here you have all my photos. The ones from my phone, and the shoot from 10:30 in the night.

Until next time,
x Sofie

For work:

For the event:

At home after the movie: 10:30 pm


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