Sunday, 26 February 2017

Leo my way!

Top: Mads Nørgaard Copenhagen
Trousers: H&M
Boots: H&M
Cup: H&M Home

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With all the talk lately about all the leopard print, and how people are going crazy with coats, bags and boots, I thought I would show you a little less overwhelming leopard styling.

I know it can be a little out of you comfort-zone to wear a print that before had the "sxy"-vibe to it, and now it is everywhere. It was for me.
But I love how this Mads Nørgaard top is in a dark colour, so it is a little less "in your face"-leopad. And with just some normal, black trousers, you keep is casual - until the shoes!

These boots outweigh the leopard, and will become the focus. And then people wont think too much about all your leo and if you are a little too risky in the sexy print or not. But don't let the shoes make you uncomfortable - I believe, that if you own a crazy pair of boots like these, it is because you absolutely adore them and want to show them to everyone - I want to at least.

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I bet you have seen this cup on my Instagram a couple of times already. Yeah, it's leo too! I just loved how this shoot is on the floor of my ream with a cup of tea. Nothing more. I didn't need to go to the city and do a proper shoot with real surroundings, because to be honest, if I should do an outside shoot all the time I would have to be a full time blogger and I wouldn't be able to upload as much as I do now with just these few "here and there"-shoots. More different shoots are coming this weekend as well, and I'm really excited!

I guess I just want to tell you, that I have realized, that I just really enjoy blogging and being creative this way. Of course I would like all my shoots to be pretty and worked on every detail, but the truth is that I don't have the time as a danish second year high school girl, that also have a job, friends, family, sports and other stuff to do. So I just hope this gives you a little more "real" picture of me, compared to maybe some of the big bloggers. Because that is all I want to be known for: me.

Share your thoughts (I'm having difficulties replying to your comments on the blog, but I' working on it! I read every single one and they make me so happy!)

Until next time,
x Sofie


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