Friday, 10 February 2017

SKAM - the most popular serie in Scandinavian

SKAM is the most popular series in Scandinavia right now. It is a Norwegian series about a group of young people starting in Gymnasium (the Scandinavian high school (about the age 16-19))

One of the reasons I think it is so popular here, is because it is so much more relatable to the youth in Scandinavia, because the Amarican series about the high school years, seems to us a little unrealistic. It is always something like Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars or Glee - it is never just a normal girl, without vampires, without famous and rich and beautiful girls and without singing to make everything easier.
That is what we love about skam; it is what it is; it is natural girls and boys with red spots on their nose, messy hair and they have all the problems we have (no vampires, sorry). Their problems are raletable. And last but not least their "party and drinking culture" is the same as Sweden and Denmark (Yes, we are known as the most drunk young people) which is nice, to be honest. In Gossip Girl they get drunk on fancy drinks and champagne, here they have to pay for their own alcohole, struggle to get it as they are not 18 and they drink what they can get their hands on.

Not to get Skam to sound dirty and disgusting and like a series just about parties. But I think there must be something about it, if you think about how popular it is - also in the world. Almost 16 countries watch it - even though it is still only in Norwegian. I watch it in Norwegian with Norwegian subtitles, then it is almost the same as Danish. But I have heard a rumor that the people of the internet translate it to English - so there will be a chance you can find it in english!

I love the way Skam is filmed; there is no music, and when there is the music is so perfect for that scene that it makes sense on a higher level. And the scenes are long, slow and you really get the feeling of the situation under your skin. What I feel like is the difference with other series, is the clipping and filming of a sereis can be so fast you never really notice what is happening. In Skam you can use three minutes on watching Isak laying in his bed with his phone, and we will read all the messages he gets. And that is not boring - that is exactly how a teen spends his night; on the phone.

No more is needed to be said. I love skam, and so does the rest of Scandinavia - do you as well?

Until next time,
x Sofie

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