Monday, 6 March 2017

Over the weekend

Hello there! I'm sorry for the lack of post the past few days, but I've had such busy days, and then when I finally had time to sit down and write to you, I got sick and has been laying in bed since. But now I'm - almost - back! Still a little slow, a sore throat and heasache, but feeling WAY BETTER, than Friday when this flu got to me. Maybe because of all the cake I've eaten this weekend. And that is A LOT!

My boyfriend and I was invited to a birthday party on his side on the family, with dinner and a hotel room and brunch the next morning - and oh how amazing all the food tasted, and how cool this hotel was.
From the outside this hotel looks pretty boring and not good at all, but when you go inside it is so different! It'snot luxury, but it has everything you would need. And the food was so good, so I'm happy. 

Here you have all the snaps from my phone, if you follow me on Instagram you have seen some of these before ;-)

Until next time,
x Sofie


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