Monday, 13 March 2017

Packing for Rome

As you know - if you follow my Instagram - I'm leaving for Rome this morning with my class (maybe I'm in the airport as you are reading this, or maybe I'm on the plane or I'm already in Rome - I'm leaving early, so you might not be awake before I'm in Rome!) Anyway, I'm super duper excited - and nervous!
My pink suitcase, my &Copenhagen handbag, and my black bumpbag is all that I need, but let's take a look to what's inside!

Handbag: from Copenhagen

This is the one I will carry around when we are out sightseeing, eating, visiting museum ect. I'll keep my polaroid kamera, exctra polaroid films, my sunglasses, a pen and paper (as we has to write down for an coming assignment). I'll also carry sorunf gum, a müsli-bar (in case I get hungry or needs some sugar from all the walking)

The Bumpbag (Explaining HERE)

This I will carry close to me and under my jacket (opposite of the cross-body handbag) and have my phone, wallet ect. that is really important and that I don't want to lose (people keep telling me Rome is known for many robbers)

I don't know in which bag, but I'll alsi have an handcream, lipbalm, nail file (you know how terrible my nails are) and other bips and bobs as an hair tie ect.

The Pink Suitcase:

First of all, I bloody love this pink suitcase that my friend borrowed me!
Here I will keep all my clothes, beauty-bag (that does not contain any beauty other than a red lipstick!) with all my personal stuff - as a toothbrush for example ;)
I'm packing two pairs of trousers, one thick and one thin, as we are not quite sure about the weather yet. I'm wearing a pair of blue jeans (goes with everything) as you read this! I'm also leaving in a big hoodie and my favourite pair of sneakers - I'm sure there is a fancy airpoart selfie/photo on my Instagram by now.
For tops I'm bringing both t-shirts and long sleeves, again because we don't know if its gonna rain or stay sunny. (Hope for the last!)

Until next time,
x Sofie

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