Sunday, 26 March 2017

Rome in 150 photos

As you can see I have so many photos from my trip to Rome - and this isn't even all of them! Therefore I have decided to split it a little up, so there will be more than just on "photo diary".
This one is to give you an idea of how Rome was, as I din't do a vlog while I was there. I normally do vlogs, but as it was a school trip I didn't really want to bother anyone too much with my "blogging life".

You will also get a blogpost about Colosseum - because of course I went here! I just did not put the photos in this post. It was actually one of my favourite things we saw in Rome.

You will also get a blogpost about art in Rome as we went to an modern art museum.
I will also do a "what and where I ate in Rome" (I will work on the name, don't worry) so you get the food by itself.

Of course I cannot stop myself from writing about Rome, and i experienced so much while I was there, that there will be a full blogpost about that. Almost like a "diary", "Postcard from Rome" og "Storytelling about Rome"

Last but not least I'm going to make a video all about where I went shopping in Rome and what I bought. This video has been requested to me on Instagram, and I'm actually really excited to show you everything I bought! You have already seen some of it on Instagram if you follow me @sofoep or my personal @dynedyret.

As I've kept saying on Instagram and Instagram stories, I do have lots of ideas! I just haven't had the time to sit down and write it all. School has been so crazy busy after we got back with a huge math test, and three assignments for this coming week plus I'm also doing stuff outside of school in my personal life (That I'm also planning a ost about) while I'm also just a normal girl that needs a day off once in a while...

But here you have it! My first post about Rome! Rome in 150 photos (and it is only the beginning!)


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