Monday, 27 March 2017

The good, old storyteller shoe - DIY ribbon shoelace

You may by know - if you have followed the blog and my style for sometime - that I love details in clothing and on everything I wear.
Recently Puma released their new Suede shoe, with a Ribbon shoelace that makes giiiiant bow, and oh my I love it! But I am only a poo high school girl, so I had to be creative!

I bought a yellow ribbon in Søstene Grene (danish store) and just replaced the shoelace from my old converse.

I feel like that everyone owns a pair of converse. It is filled with memories and feelings. Just like a denim jacket has all those summernight memories, badges, pads ect. ect. I feel like Converse is that in a shoe.

My converse is actually not mine. I got them from a friends, which fills them with even more personality. She has written on the soles as she wore them when she was away for a year on "efterskole" (some kind of boarding school we have in DK). And now they are mine and I'm making my personal touch on them with this ribbon, and I'm ready to fill them with my own handwriting, names, places ect.

- Also I really enjoyed shooting these photos!

Until next time,
x Sofie


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