Wednesday, 26 April 2017

18 things, 18 wishes



  1. Listen to yourself and no one else
  2. Trust yourself, your opinions and your choices
  3. Take your time 
  4. I need order in everything; my head, my papers, my bags... everything is in some kind of order
  5. I', happier when I'm active
  6. - And when I drink lots of water
  7. I can't rock a fringe, even though I really tried
  8. "Slut med forbud" - danish for you to stop saying there is things you can't eat or can't do or can't do that or this... Just stop saying stop to yourself, you do indeed only live once, why stop that?
  9. He IS the love of my life 
  10. Low grades do not define you as a person
  11. It is okay to have an "off day"
  12. Hard work pays off
  13. Good style is to be true to yourself and always let you personality shine through
  14. You like what you like; Your style, your choice
  15. Don't change for others
  16. Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind
  17. I do need "me time" to disconnect and just relax
  18. I just need to be me - I'm good enough

Last year I did a post called 18 before 18, and I did 13 of the things:
  1. Get good at running
  2. Give the gym a go
  3. Find a balance with food
  4. Try vegetarian eating
  5. Get a helix piercing
  6. Keep a journal
  7. Get better at family time
  8. Get my driving license (I'm only waiting for a test now, so I just putted it on this list)
  9. Get my hunters license
  10. Be more positive
  11. Accept myself
  12. Get the blog going
  13. Try Yoga
The 5 things I did not do:
  1. Travel with Johanne
  2. Love your body - still trying, and it get's better and better for everyday
  3. Learn to cook
  4. Learn to braid my hair
  5. Take part in a run
  1. Be better at saving money
  2. Travel more
  3. More focus on my blog
  4. Relax, it is not the end of the world
  5. Not be shy about being a blogger
  6. Keep contact with my friends
  7. Stay confident in my style
  8. Live more in the moment instead of stressing over the future - it might not even happen!
  9. Remember "me time" is important
  10. Be better at complimenting myself and others
  11. Become even more positive
  12. Spend more time with friends
  13. Stop hating Thursday
  14. Take chances
  15. Say yes more!
  16. - And say no when I mean NO!
  17. Start reading and drawing again
  18. Listen to myself; how do I really feel about this?

Until next time,
x Sofie


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