Thursday, 6 April 2017

Art in Rome

I love going to museums, but actually you don't need to go to art museums in Rome to experience art. Art is everywhere to be seen. For example the street art, as you see above.

But we did go to the modern art museum MAXXI in Flminio in Rome. The architecture of the museum was really amazing, and what the whole museum was build up about.
As it was a school trip, we had a focus by visiting the museum and it actually were the architecture, as we in social studies has worked with buildings, public places, room ect. and how they are used in the society. So we focused more on the building, than the art, but I would have loved to walk around and just look at the art, as I feel like the building and the art worked so nicely together and gave you so many feelings. I would have loved to experience that without a guide talking about the architect and so on.

But I got some photos from the museum, I'm sharing with you now:

(Text continues after photos)

But as I said, you don't have to visit a museum to see the art. Just by walking around in the city, you see it. It is in everything; the architecture, the buildings, the fountains, the sculptures ect. ect. Here is some photos to show you:


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