Friday, 14 April 2017

Hawaii themed Easter dinner

Yesterday you may have seen my Instagram stories - yes. I apologies for that, but believe my my Snapchat were worse (Lucky for me it isn't public!)
Last year I told you about this event, read it HERE, so I will not go too much into detail other than it is a tradition on the Island where my grandparents live and my mothers side of the family is from.

I'm not really the drinking my brain out kind of person, I don't think alcohol is necessary to have a good time, at least I don't need it as I'm a very happy person who isn't shy. So I'm not gong to tell you about the party, instead I will show you my outfit. I actually got a lot of compliments last night on my outfit and style in general, so I was a very happy little one in my glittery, way too overdressed (as per usual) heels:

Apparently I wore a lot of H&M yesterday without realizing before writing this post, but oh well, I love H&M and all their different styles and prices. The top was a spontaneous buy while I was at work. I had no idea what I would wear at a Hawaii themed party, so when I saw we just got this in the store I knew I wanted to wear it.

I built up my outfit around the top: found the shoes I wanted to wear (You, know I love a little glitter in everything) and found them summery enough and matched them with these brown, checked trousers to have a little trend-piece in the outfit (checked is everywhere and I wrote about it HERE)
The Hawaii was in the details with a pop of colour on the bag and the flowers and pink eyeshadow.
I think I did a pretty good guess, on how a modern Disney Viana would look?

Until next time,
Sofie x

What I wore :

Top: H&M
Trousers: H&M
Shoes: Tamaris
Bag: H&M
Flower crown: Flying Tiger
Flower necklace: bought at a Disney-event (Yes, I'm almost 18)


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