Sunday, 30 April 2017

My 3 Birthday Outfits

An amzing week has come to an end. I've been celebrated the whole week, which is crazy! I've felt like my birthday have been for a whole week, and not just one day. I want to say thank you for all the nice birthday wishes you have sent me, it means the world that you send me a little thought and took a few seconds to celebrate me - Thank you!

My "real" birthday was on Wednesday the 26th and I wore a pretty, pretty glitter top with ruffle at the sleeves and the bottom, and underneath a polka-dot shirt with bell sleeves.

Yesterdaym Saturday, I had my family over for lunch, cake and coffee and wore a dreamy, dreamy princess dress and rose gold pumps!

Saturday evening all my friends and classmates and oldest friends and their boyfriends ect. came over and we had a party! And yes, I did do the "18 shots, and yes I was pretty good and no, I did not throw up neither am i hangovered today ;-)

Here is my outfits:

THE 26TH: 

Glitter top: H&M Trend
Bell-sleeve shirt: Vero Moda
Jeans: Acne Studios
Socks: H&m

Slippers: H&M

Family Party, Saturday:

Dress: Hope & Ivy
Shoes: Zara

Saturday, the party:

 Top: H&M Trend
Jeans: Envii
Shoes: H&M
Bag: H&M


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