Friday, 21 April 2017

Nadin Mersal Jewelry: earrings

I'm so lucky that Nadin Mersal made me these beautiful earrings.
Nadin runs the instagram account @nmersaljewelry where she post pictures of her pretty earrings, take orders on new ones and connect with people online.

You choose the colours and the style, and then she makes them from scratch. She has made everything from these beautiful tassels with peals, to tassels with threads, to hoops and earrings in shape of lemons and oranges.
The beautiful things about her earrings is that none of the pairs she makes are the same. They are all a little different even if it is the same colours. Nadin uses recycled pearls which is a beautiful, sustainable choice and thought. Every pair is made with concentration, talent and love. It takes her about two and a half our to finish one pair - and only for the price of  115 DKK!

Go check out her earrings on her Instagram @nmersaljewelry, and just ask her if you are curious about more, have an order or want different colours - Nadin was so nice when I ordered the colours for mine and super helpful.

The next I'm going to get is a pretty little pair of lemons!

Until next time,
x Sofie


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