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Postcard from Rome


All over Instagram and here on the blog I've talked so much about Rome, but I've never really told what happened. I did not make a vlog for youtube as I normally do, as it was a trip with my class and friends - not boyfriend and family - and I did not want to put the whole "blog-thingy" up in their face (even though I am the blogger bitch in my group, so whatever I'm a horrible friend that takes pictures of everything for Instagram...) Anyway. I also wanted to enjoy the trip and not care about always having my camera with me all the time and just be in the moment. Instead I will now write to you, all that happened:

Monday, March 13
W arrived at our hotel around 3pm, and to be honest it was not a good hotel, but we only had to sleep there, so it was fine in the end. Only short after our arrival we took a walk around the city towards Terrazza del Pincio where we could look over the city. After some time enjoying the view we moved on to The Spanish Steps where we had to do some writing for a danish essay at home. After there we sptit up into smaller groups to find some dinner. We ended up in a little restaurant and after that we had Gelati (of course)
But the "fun" story starts now: after  dinner we basically got lost. We walked down to Pantheon, but from there we walked in a wrong direction. We saw a thief stealing someone phone off a selfiestick, and then we started running and he went after us. We asked for help and finally found the right direction, but then walked too long... One of my friends started crying and the rest of the girls started panicking (including myself but I tried to be calm) and then one military man (Rome is filled with police and military and I felt so safe there!) saw our panic and then showed us the way to the metro. And as we thought that we were now safe, we were not. Some young guys started asking us where we were going (we all thought we would have been raped, but luckily not) and after two hours we were finally back with our friends at the hotel having a freak out about how much we hated Rome...

Tuesday, March 14
Was so much better! We experienced all the bad stuff the first day, and from there it only got better and better. We went to see Colosseum, which I thought was so exciting and cool! I loved Colosseum and Forum Romanum - but I also love the history of Rome, so being there, seeing what it is you read about was so amazing.
For lunch we headed to Flaminio and had some potato-pizzas at a little side café. We then walked to the art museum MAXXI, which i would have loved to visit normally, but I felt so sick when we finally got there from walking in the sun (we had about 20 degrees everyday, which for a Dane is a lot of warmth!) So I felt so sick from not drinking enough water, and i felt dizzy and just really uncomfortable. I would have loved to see the art in a happier mood.
After the museum we walked back to Piazza del Popolo and had a gelati in the sun and then I felt better. We went shopping down Via Del Corso (A what I bought in Rome video will be coming soon!) and found a cute, very fancy restaurant near the Trevi Faunatin and after dinner we had a look at the impressive fauntin.
We learned from last night and found a metro in the first try (actually the metro station we looked for the night before) and was home early and just had some girl time in one of the hotel rooms.

Wednesday, March 15
Was the day that felt the longest. We was devided into small groups and had to do some analysis of different areas in Rome as we worked with it in social studies from home. My group was at Plaza del Spagna around the Spanish steps, and then after our work our little group slpit up and I found the girls again at a little café near the hotel. It was such a good little place (mostly because of the funny, cute servant) and we came back in the rest of the evenings for a little drink or two.
After lunch we went back to the hotel to get ready. The whole class was eating together at a place called Emma (really nice though!) se we wore our newly shopped clothes and make-up and just had a fun time in my hotel room with the balcony door open and looked at people walking on the street.
We went out again at 5pm and walked around the area of Tresavere and had another Gelato, we walked around until we had to meet the class at the restaurant at 7pm. After eating we of course went back to the resturant and our friend, the cute servant ;-)

Thursday, March 16 and Friday The 17th
I put together as one, as we left at 3.45am Friday, and we did not sleep before leaving, so maybe this was actually what felt like the longest day.
We walked through Rome and towards Piazza Navona, where the class again split up and I had a coffee with the girls. After that we walked around and found the best pizza to-go I ever in my life have tasted (I will talk about this in another blogpost soon!). We ate while we walked (because we were a little late for meeting the class at the Vatican)
As we arrived at the Vatican we were all tired and confused about where we should meet, but luckily we found each other. To be honest, this was the worst day with the class; not because of the company, but everyone was so tired and filled up from being social and walking so much. I got my period (of course I did. typically) and was a little grumpy and tired. And then our guide of course was half an hour late. I don't know, it just wasn't great for me, and I feel like if we had had another guide or if we could have walked around for ourselves a little more I would have liked it more. But it was killing. And when we finally made it to Piazza  San Pietro and the beautiful church I didn't enjoy it because of pains, tiredness and I just had used all my energy on the rest of the tour. So I was very happy when we where finished. And looking back I wish I had been more awake, had taken some pain killers and tried to be more positive, because when I look at the pictures I took, it was very beautiful.
We finished and was back at the hotel at around 5pm and then just chilled at the hotel (everyone was so tired after the Vatican). We found some energy and went back out and found some late dinner - the best dinner i had the whole trip! I went for Pesto Pasta, and it was the best, oh my. We walked around and then took the metro back to the café (again) and then met up with some other Danish student from our school and had a drink (or two) and I will just say, I was very, very, veryyyy happy and didn't want to leave Rome. We went back in home in good time for the hope of sleep, but on the way we meet some of our classmates wanting us to go with the to a bar (everyone is very, very, veryyyy happy already :-P) And we go, but then as we end up in a little uncomfortable bar (dark, drunk, older people everywhere) me and some other girls go back to the hotel - grab some McDonalds on the way and are sat on the hotel floor eating nuggets. We pack our last bits and bobs 2am, and still have some time to kill as we are all sure of staying awake. But I can't and sleep for 45 minutes before waking up and meeting the class in the lobby. We take a bus to the airport (everyone a little drunk and VERY tired) and from there I'm too tired to really know what is happening.
 I sleep on the plane home, and when my dad picks me up in the airport I am close to crying as I feel all the emotions I have felt the past 5 days at once and I'm just so happy to see him again. I go with him to his work and have a very danish lunch, am a very happy girl who drinks two big glasses of milk (The only reason I cannot be vegan) and then we go home. Me sleeping all the way in the cars, and then sleep on the sofa as we come home, and waked up at 3pm when my mom and brothers come home. In the  evening my boyfriend come to see me (he had also been away with his class to Edinburgh) and we just cuddle the whole evening, eating danish candy and talk about what we have experienced. We easily fall asleep and sleep until 11am the next day. I slept 12 hours in one go, plus on the plane, in the car and on the sofa when I got home.

As you can see, I experienced a lot, and I actually really like that I did it this way instead of a vlog. For some reason I remember it as it was, and not as an edited a video. I don't know if you read all of it; if you did: THANK YOU! but if not, it was so nice for me to experience it all again. But oh my how I miss Rome even more now!

Until next time - and until next post about Rome
x Sofie


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