Saturday, 22 April 2017

Where we ate in Rome

Mami - best pizza to go (or to stay)

I kid you not; this was the best pizza I had in Rome - and it was even to go!
We randomly came across this little pizzaria while walking to the Vatican city, and just grabbed a slice or two on the way. Now I wish we had stayed, because it was the nicest little place - and if I had stayed I had tastes each and every single piece of the different pizzas.

Green to go

We was in a hurry one morning and knew we would not have any time to find lunch, at our visit at one of the turist things, would take all day. We just found the best thing they had in a little "to go food shop" at Termini train station, and it was actually pretty good:

Near the Trevi Fauntin:

We one evening had dinner near the Trevi Fauntin, and it was really good; I again had pizza. I did only photograph the dessert (which was so amazing) warm apple pie with cinnamon whipped cream and strawberry sauce.
I'm not sure about the name of the place, but the location on my phone when I look back on the photos says:

Locanda Giulietta e Romeo
Via Del Lavatore 36, Rome

Ristorante L'Arcano Roma

The first evening we had dinner in this cute restaurant, where I had a pretty good Pasta Cabonadra. It felt like Lady And The Tramp with the red gingham coloured dew on the tables!

Right next to the restaurant we found the best Gelato place on the whole trip!

The rest of the Gelato pics:

Near Piazza Del Papolo

In Trestavere:

The best Tiramisú:

Wednesday evening we had dinner together the whole class - I again had pizza. It was a really nice resturant in Trestavere called EMMA, and I could have tried everything one the menu card, because it sounded so good, but I had heard their pizzas was really good - and their Tiramisú should be one of the best in Rome! It was no lie! Just look at it:


We had coffee in a cute place on Piazz Navona to start the day the best way possible before going to the Vatican.

Best pasta pesto!

On the last night we had a really late dinner and we alle went for pasta. I had the whole week been craving a pesto, but non of the places we went seemed right. So the last night we seached everywhere for a good pasta spot (as we had pizza all the other nights, almost) and I think we found it.
It was a really good, white and bright place with many tables called PastaMore

Our favourite spot: 

Saved the best for the last!
It Was a café not long from our hotel called Rifugio Romano - the place with the cute servant if you rwad my Postcard from Rome post!
We had a drink or two one evening, and had a really good lunch there (featuring a gin and lemon as you see here) You have also seen my #ladyinred photo on Instagram - yep, every photo is from that café! We went there so many times; I was there three times, but I know my friends was there one evening without me when I was really tired. It was so nice in that moment and really funny!


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