Saturday, 13 May 2017

50 years in fashion with H&M!

Last night was quite something! As H&M this year, has been in Denmark for 50 years, we were all [who work in H&M] invited to a huge party in Copenhagen. I cannot explain it to you, so instead I will just show you the photos - All the photos are from my phone, so I excuse the quality of them!
Take a look:

The Outfit:
The dresscode was said to be Festival themed - but no one followed that. People showed up in so much different, and yet it all looked so cool! I love looking at people and their styles, and imagine at an event for fashion how everyone is amazingly, stylished dress - I was in style heaven!

I wore:
Red ruffle top from Zara
Wide trousers from Soft Rebels
Orange dotted sneakers from Nike
Bag from &Copenhagen

The decorations:

Location: Lokomotiv værkstedet
Was the perfect frame for our party. The rustic building looked so cool "dressed" in pretty, yet cool and rustic decorations!

 The food:

When we arrived a welcome drink and small appetizers was waiting for us!
Copenhagen Street food was taken out of their normal surroundings at Papirøen in Copenhagen, and made their own marked at our party. We got "H&M coins" in the entrance we could pay wit. One meal was two H&M coins. There was much to choose from - both inside the building and outside the beautiful garden - kinda festival like!
And for desert: Pancakes with nutella, chocolate sauce and bananas! One coin!

In the evening and the party:

Everything lit up in beautiful colours in the evening! 
The music started out with The Antonelli Orchestra, then Nick & Jay cam on stage (a danish boy-pop-duo) and stole every girls heart! And to close the dance floor DJ Faustix served us some perfect dance music!

Until next time,
x Sofie


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