Monday, 29 May 2017

Femme tee's

For some time ago I shared a blogpost about the femme tee's and how I style it - READ IT HERE
Today i've found my favourite t-shirts that I would love to rock this summer. And to be honest there are many more cool ones out there, every brand has made one!

It all started with Dior making the "We should all be feminist" t-shirt, that every model wore at the show, and it has later been seen on bloggers and influencers, so of course my list start with that one, but don't worry, there is prices for everyone!

  1. Dior HERE
  2.  H&M HERE
  3. Even & Odd HERE
  4. Storm & Marie HERE
  5. Even & Odd HERE
  6. Only HERE
  7. Zoe Karrsen HERE
  8. Mango HERE
  9. Noisy May HERE
  10. Bella Freud HERE
  11. EDC by Esprit HERE
Until next time,
x Sofie


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