Friday, 26 May 2017

H&M lip scrub

I think I'm addicted to lip products. I have so many different lip balms, always want to try new ones out and have plenty of lipsticks - or just a lip balm with a small amount of tint. I want and love it all! But one thing I hadn't tried out before recently was the idea of a lip scrub.

I wanted to try out one of those cool ones from Lush, or even the cute ones from Clinique that looks like a macaroon - lip scub o one side and tinted balm on the other side. But I din't ike the smells of the ones from Lush and I never found the Clinique one in the stores in Denmark,
I work in a H&M store without the beauty sector, so it was just because I scrolled through the app I remembered we had a beauty-collection.

To be honest I was in doubt with the beauty from H&M. It looks cheap. But the lip scrub was cheap enough, so I wanted to give H&M Beauty a go. And I'm so happy I did!

At first I thought I would hate, that it smelled too much of vanilla, but when you get it on your lips it is such a different experience. The smell is not bad, and you get a feeling you just want to eat what's on your lips (And don't tell anyone, but sometimes I just eat a little off my lips when I rub them towards each other to get the scrub really into my lips)

The packaging is really beautiful and  classic. Minimalistic. Not too much going on, and I really like that. The size is perfect to have in your jacket or bag - trust me you want to bring this everywhere! Use a small amount in the day time for a little shine and a soft feeling and use a lot when your feeling dried out! (But be aware, if you use a lot, you will be able to see the small white corns that is the scrub)

It leaves my lips feeling soft and ready for a lipstick or whatever I'm putting on my lips next (addicted, told ya!) I both use it in the morning if my lips feel dry after a night of sleep, or if I have had a day where my lips are feeling dry I will use it in the evening and wake up with lips as soft as a baby( Isn't that what you say..?)

Anyway! This lip scrub has left me just wanting to try out H&M's make-up more. Especially there is a green eyeshadow I have had my eyes on for some time now!

Until next time,
x Sofie


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