Wednesday, 24 May 2017

I just want to write...

This time last year I was (un)lucky enough not to get any exams. (depending on how you see it, it just means I have a lot more exams next year)  The only thing I had to do last year was two mock exams and a written paper on the danish Romantism. Easy peasy... Or something. 
I had four weeks at home to spend on my blog, which had good results. My blog grew, grew, grew (in content and followers). Somewhere Scandinavian (also called SS) was updates every single day. I worked hard to get all the posts done, but I enjoyed it so much - it was something I loved doing.

This year it is a little different. I have two written mock exams (Danish and German), an oral mock exam (AT (you would not understand)), an oral exam (geography) and last but not least a written exam (math) - which I did today! One down four to go! ..... And oh! I also have a written driving test as a part of my driving license.
So as you can hear my calendar i pretty overbooked as I also have family events, just went to Malmö with my friend Johanne for a weekend, and in between all that I also have to prepare every exam - ew!

Sadly, it also means, I don't have as much time to focus on the blog. And when we reach this time of year, I feel inspired, free and happy and just want to share every moment of it with you. 

I just want to write - my way of talking with you.

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Shirt: Rue De Femme
Denim skirt: Zara
Bag: bought it via Neye
Sneakes: Adidas
Sunglasses: Bik Bok
Necklace: Jane Kønig, lovetag

Stor Torget, Malmö, Sweden

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But I'm writing. I'm writing, I'm writing, I'm writing. Sometimes I'm just to busy with school and everything, that I forget to publish the post in the morning, and when I remember it's in the middle of the day (and I've learned that I tend to get more likes and views if I post around 8-10am) and it's too late. 

But I'm working on it. When school was on, I also had a hard time finding a balance with homework, assignment, work, personal life and the blog. It's hard not to be a "professional" blogger. Not because of the money, the free stuff or the fame - but because I don't have it as a full time job, I don't have time to write in both danish and english, I don't have the professional shoots, the good lightning, flatlays or cameras. And people are most likely to follow that stuff - they don't care about the normal high school girl, with normal photos, shot from whatever she had on hand - whatever if it was her phone, old camera or the good Canon EOS 700D - the non-edited, SOC (Straight out of Camera)-photos. Even though she maybe writes from her heart about all the reeeeeal stuff out there, in a normal teen life, no one really listens. 

But she does it anyway. 
Because I just want to write.

Until next time,
x Sofie


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