Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Where we ate in Malmö

I can't believe it is already two weeks since I went to Malmö with Johanne. You have seen all my photon on Instagram and here on my blog in my Malmö Photo Diary 
Today I'm sharing the food:

Lilla kafferosteriet:

 Here we one evening had cake for dinner and came back the day after for a absolutely delicious brunch! It's an old house in the middle of centrum, and it keeps the atmosphere of the old times so well:


Here we had the best pizza I in my life has tasted (yes, better than Rome!) and we had some hella good fresh juices and smoothies! You have probably seen them on Instagram already. The room was amazing and each chair was different, keeping it modern with a old twist. 


Here we had lunch the first day. Seriously good salads, perfectly located at Lilla Torget. 

Raw Food House:

A cute little café! To be honest I wasn't all about the juice I got, but Oh my I wish I had tried out one of their cakes!!

Moosehead Bar:

Located next to Victors at Lilla Torget. I wanted to taste their burger with the Swedish Moose/Elk so so bad, and it tasted good. I really liked it but wish we had eaten lunch there instead og dinner, as it was so crowded in the evening that it affected how much we enjoyed the food. 

Solde Kaffebar:

The best for the last! Seriously the best coffee I have ever had in my life. Wish this bar where in Copenhagen, then I would go there every single day when I moved to Copenhagen!


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