Friday, 14 July 2017

Life Lately #5

Hi guys! I feel like it's been a while since I last chatted to you all about everything and nothing - maybe it's not, but I feel like it after my laptop broke down. So I thought I would do a little "Life Lately"

I feel really weird at the moment. I feel happy, more relaxed than I've done in a long time, but still really stressed and sad about I don't get to do all the things I want to do. Now that I have summer holidays, I think I might make my to-do-lists a little too long because I feel like I have lots of time.
I also feel really tired all the time - guess what, I can join the hay fever club now. It's super annoying, and I have gotten so many different kinds of pills, sprays and eye drops, to help me feel better - and they do! I just also feel very tired from them.

Now we are talking about body, my body confidence have been everywhere this last month. Sometimes I feel supper skinny, pretty, beautiful and sexy, and other days I feel fat, ugly, a teenage face filled with acne - basically just like a sack of potatoes. I don't really know what the next day will bring, so I'm just trying to be happy everywhere else in my life and hoping it's just a weird period in my life that soon will be over.
I've actually really loved wearing a swimsuit to the beach. Somehow I just feel way more sexy than in a bikini (maybe because my stomach ain't showing?). And it's way more comfortable and I feel like I can move a lot more!

I struggle to find the perfect balance between being on the go, travelling and being at home. I like to have posts ready for you when I'm away, so you still can read on the blog. But after my laptop broke down, I have to plan 2 weeks ahead which makes it really hard. And when I'm home I'm really tired and also have lots of things to do other than relax. I don't feel like my posts are that good at the moment.

The last sad thing I'm going to talk about in this post - promise!
As you may have seen on Instagram, my best firend moves to New Zealand for a year now, and last week I went to the airport to say goodbye. It was really hard and I cried on my way home on the bus. I don't know why, because I know we are good friends enough to keep the contact, and I know from last time she moved away for a year, that our friendships grow stronger, better and more safe. But it still weighs down my heart to know that it will be - either a half or one year - until I see her again. Hopefully I can safe up the money again and get a ticket to NZ  (I did have money enough for the ticket this month, but my laptop broke down and I have to prioritize that because of school)

BUT - not everything is hard and sad!! I'm sooooo in love. I'm so happy, lucky, safe and sure about everything in this relationship. I'm actually really excited to get back to school, kick its ass and finish it and start a life - a real adult life - with T. I think I maybe fall in love a little more every summer, because everything is so happy and free and not so complicated. Love is easy and will hopefully be that way forever more!

I guess this is a little random, and fit's better with the "body" subject going on earlier, but I felt like it was a "happy thing" and was the perfect ending: I've been craving icecream every. Single. Day... No joke. I love it. I mean, I've always loved icecream, but now I'm just all crazy! My Instagram has turned into "my icecream of the day"-pictures instead of my outfits and surroundings.

I know I sound annoyed and sad in the beginning, but I'm just pissed about my computer breaking down, and can't really relax when I'm at home and have a computer because I feel like I have to write stuff for the blog. And I'm also really nervous because of my driving test tomorrow (today, if you read this when it comes out!) But hopefully I will be fine and if I'm not, it's only a test and not the end of the world - and so it is with everything else too!
With that said,

Until next time,
x Sofie

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