Saturday, 29 July 2017

Things I'm loving: Cars!

I've had my drivers license for two weeks now, and I loooove it so much. It has been so frustrating taking my drivers license, adn i thought I would never get it, and I've been about to quit so many times and said I hated cars.
But now when I finally have it and I'm allowed to drive and I finally feel a little good about cars, I can't get enough. Lately they have been a huge inspiration in my wardrobe and the things I'm loving at the moment.

  1.  I'm really excited about the new Disney Cars movie coming this summer! 
  2. When I get my own car, I need this cute key hanger HERE
  3.  I love verything check patterned lately, I feel fast and good when I'm wearing it, but I love this dress with the contrast of stripes! HERE
  4. The thing I love the most of all of these things I love, it must be this polo from GANT in colab with Le Mans - I looooove it and neeeeed it - AND IT IS ON SALE HERE
  5. This shirt with quarter sleeves, and the check pattern I love, but with a yellow detail. You could totally dress it up with a pair of yellow heels! HERE Drive fast, run faster. 
  6. These pair of Vans are pretty cool. I have them myself in yellow, and I do also really need a pink pair of shoes....!? HERE

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