Monday, 28 August 2017

Autumn 2017 Trends! - From Copenhagen Fashion Week

Hello and welcome to Fashion Week here on Somewhere Scandinvian! This week there will be a new post up everyday, me tellníng you about the autumn fashion of 2017!

As you may know I attended fashion week in the beginning og August. And becuseI ran across a reeally bad cold I haven't told you all the details yet- I've only showed you pictures HERE. So I thought is was about time to tell you the details!

Starting off with a talk about the autumn trends for both male and female. The talk was hosted by Style Director at ELLE magazine DK, Mie Juel Engel and Mads Emil Grove Møller:

The female autumn trends, by Mie Juel:

  • The white shoe! Flat, heel, sandal, boots - no matter what you need a white shoe! Let it be a little special, a lisste special. Surprise people with a kind of shie they wouldn't have thought about wearing themselves.
    Wear it to everything: jeans and a shirt, a sweater, a dress. The boheme vibe with lots of flowers and the shoes as a surprising element.
  • Check pattern! Especially for coats, but if you feel the pants, then you rock the pants. Do what you feel like; jacket, shirt, pants or bag - even just a little scarf can do it!
  • Red, red, red! Let it be a whole outfit in red or focus on the red details as a shoe, belt, bag or even just you lipstick. Red is a classic, and classic is back in this autumn!
  • Statement earrings. Either in pairs or mix lots of different earrings. It's an easy way to ply with fashion if you think the other trends are too bold for your taste. Let them look cheap and made of plastic from the high street stores or go all in on high end and buy a pair of big gold hoops and let them be a classic in your wardrobe forever. 
  • The trenchcoat: It has always been a classic and will always be a classic. It comes back every autumn, but will never go out of style. This one is easy and you might think you already have this one at home in you closet; but remember trenchcoats comes in many shapes, lenghts and colours!

The male autun trends, by Mads Emil Møller:

  • Corduroy (girls, this is not only for men!)
  • Silk shirts; let it be loose!
  • "Street meets fashion" for example the surpreme x Loius Vuitton collab
  • "Technical jackets" - the ones that looks like the normal outdoor-type who goes hiking every weekend; one of these just with a twist to be fashionable 
  • 80's business: Let's be inspired by the old series, mix it with 90's and be either Joey, Ross or Chandler from Friends!

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