Sunday, 20 August 2017

Back to school goals and thriving

It's been a little over one week since I started my last year of high school. It is so crazy to think about, this time next year, 2018, I will be done with school and probably working for a year and save up for living in Copenhagen and study Design Technology.

I'm actually really happy about being back in school. Every subject and class is interesting and every day I'm excites. It is really nice to feel like this, as last year was really hard for me and I didn't have any energy or motivation.

I just talked to my friend Johanne, who I've talked about before. She moved to New Zealand in July, and will move back to Denmark next summer. For a year we will live with 10 hour difference. We talked about how important it is for us to remember to Skype and message each other, even though we both are busy with school and our lives different places on the earth.

It got me thinking, to make some goals or things I need to remember when school gets too much or too stressed:

  1. Don't put school over your friendships. Including Johanne on the other side of the world, but also just my friends at school. My social life and how I feel personal should be more important than doing my homework
  2. Don't "over work". Just do what you're told and don't worry if it's not good enough. Often I spend two more hours on an assignment, than what my teacher tells us to do.
  3. You're doing you best, don't let one bad grade make your whole day bad. You're good at so many things, think about those things, and not the bad things.
  4. Have time by yourself. Have time that is not for friendship and neither for school. Just time for you to be you and do whatever you want to do.
  5. Have fun and enjoy it. It IS you last year, and it will go by much faster than you think!

Remember to put yourself and your needs first. Only then you will thrive. 

Until next time, 
x Sofie

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