Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Røsnæs, Denmark

Monay blues is not really a thing for me (not yet, at least). But Tuesday seems to be harder, it's when the tiredness really kicks in! So I thought I would, on this Tuesday morning of August, share with you, what I did two weekends ago.

My boyfriends family is from Røsnæs, here in Denmark. They family once owned this huge farm, that is almost like a little castle (for me it was, and for his family it is so much more) where his grandmother grew up. The farm is not owned by his family anymore, but you can book it for weekends and special events. My boyfriends parents actually had their wedding party there!
So every 2nd year the whole family gets together for one weekend at the farm where a lot of activities is going on. We played games, went for beautiful walks along the beach and in the hills. We went to the little light house which both had a café and a little museum!

We got insanely good, and beautiful looking food. Basically the weekend was really amazing - even though I got a very bad cold and even now, one week after struggles with sinusitis.
If you're going to Denmark and if you are going anywhere outside of Copenhagen (take a roadtrip through DK!) I would stop by Røsnæs! I felt like I was somewhere else in the world, and not just an hour from where I live!

 The View:

The nature: 

The food: 

Lighthouse, café and museum: 


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