Thursday, 31 August 2017

What will I be wearing?

This Monday I talked about all the trends to look out for this autumn. Read it HERE

Today I thought I would share with you what I AM loving this month. Just a little reminder that you don't need to buy or wear what's the trends right now - you should wear what you like and love wearing.
That is why fashion is so funny; you can take inspiration from everywhere. Just because something is trending does not mean you have to copy it. It's about getting to work out for you and how to add new finds, new details and new inspiration to your own style. Because you style never goes out of style!

5 things I'm going to go for this autumn:

  1. My trenchcoat!! I was so lucky to find the trench coat of my dreams in the summer sale with 50% off! It was still really expensive, but I know it was a good buy; the quality is amazing, and I know it is going to last me for many years. It's a piece of clothing that always will be a classic.
  2. Turtle-necks! My favourite "upper body" piece of clothing during colder months. They come in so many different styles; with a long neck that can be rolled a hundred times, with a low neck, in different colours, in different materials, whit long sleeves, with short sleeves, with 3/4 sleeves, with prints, with pearls - everything you can imagine!
  3. Suits! I have been so lucky that the onlu suit I've bought was from the H&M sale; a black suit that fitted like it was made for me. But I've also been so lucky, that my mothers friend who is about the same size as me, let me try on her old clothes before she gets rid of the. And she has an amazing style, so I always go with all of it to be honest. My mothers friend has a thing for suits. I have in total 4 pairs of suits (both blazer and pant) and many more blazers - where I've only bought 1 pair myself. I know I will be loving the matching blazer and pants this autumn; this week I've already worn a suit in flower print (you will see it later this week and you will love it!) You can wear a t-shirt or a turtle-neck underneath. It's so easy!
  4. Colours, glitter and patterns! Okay, you know I love these and it always is a part of my style. But a lot of people tend to go all black when winter is coming, and I don't want to go down that road even though I know why you can be tempted to do an all black outfit. I'll try to involve as many colours, glitter and patterns as possible - who said the colder months was boring!?
  5. Layering! Talking about boring fashion, I find summer styling way too easy. You know, just a pair of shorts/skirt and a t-shirt or a simple dress. It's just so simple; summer clothes speak for themselves. But when winter is coming in Denmark it's cold as fuck, so layering is necessary; and it is so much fun! A shirt-collar under a sweater, dress over jeans and a sweater on top ect. So many possibilities! 

Things I would love to try out:

  • White shoes (but not a sneaker!)
  • Being better with jewelry and make it play a role in my outfit
  • Check pattern

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