Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Zalando Studios x Copenhagen Fashion Week SS18

Photo above borrowed from Nanna Thomsen at

As you may have seen on Instagram I went to the event Zalando hosted with Copenhagen Fashion Week, to kick of the SS18 (Spring, Summer 2018) fashion week.

It was an absolutely perfect day, I loved every minute of it and I felt, so so inspired after 5 hours i company with some of the best in the scandinavian fashion buisness.

I will not go into detail in this post, as there is so so so much to tell, but I will show some pictures and tell a little about everything.

It was an event with lots af talk - very interesting talk! - and it ended with the CPH FW SS18 talent fashion show.
The talks were really interesting. It was some of my own style icons, some designers and many more who discussed Scandinavian style, the looks to go for in the autumn, and if there even is a scandinavian style dna as people outside of scandinavia talks about. You see, it's all of thsi I want to talk about in different post, as I learned so much I want to share with you, in a post where I don't have to worry about it getting to long.

Text continues after photos

There were interesting talk with some of the magazine directors from some of Denmarks most famous fashion magazines. Designers from both Denmark, Sweden and Norway (YES! Andreas Holzweiler is a hottie!), people talked about how they got into the fashion business and told their tipsand tricks.

It was an event with so many cool things going on. There were vegan snacks and drinks, so everyone was welcome. You could walk backstage and see the models before the talent show. I got to see some of the danish bloggers and influencers attending the fashion show, and I was a bit starstrucked - and a bit overwhelmed that maybe I'm doing this every year now (I hope so!)
We also got an amzing goodie bag! Floers, water bottle, A lovet ag from the danish designer Jane Kønig, ect. ect.

But what do you wear for fashion week?
Trust me I had the biggest crisis in the world. I even asked for you help on Instagram stories, and never ever have I gotten so many replies! Thank you so much for the help!
Actually I ended up mixing two of the four outfits together I showed you - the two who got the most likes!

Let me show you:

What I wore:

Jacket from Sand Copenhagen
Lace turtleneck from Minus Scandinavian Fashion
Skirt from H&M

Shoes from Stine Goya
Bag from Neye

And I got so so many compliments on the outfit, so thank you so so much!
There even was a photography at the event who asked me if he could take pictures of me and my outfit. I said yes, of course, but I have no idea where to find the photos! I have checked every Fashion Week photo there is - so let me know if you see me somewhere!

You can see more of the event here in the Copenhagen Fashion Week, The Daily Newspaper HERE

Until next time,
x Sofie


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