Sunday, 17 September 2017

20 Fun Facts About Me

Lately I've got a few new followers here on the blog and on Instagram, so I thought I would tell you something about myself.

I already have an "About me" page and have written some facts about me HERE and HERE and done a video HERE


  • I'm bit of a collector. I can't walk past a cute thing without either buying it or regretting I didn't buy it and then it's stuck in my brain forever.
  • To continue the collector thing I also love pretty things and hate ruining them, an example of that, is that I for many, many years collected napkins. I took them from restaurants, birthdays - everywhere. It got to a point where people collected them for me when there where at holiday, so I have beautiful napkins from caf├ęs all over the world.
    I do not collect them anymore, but still I never use a napkin when I'm at a party, because I hate ruining a beautiful thing, I always bring my own, boring, white kleenex in my bag!
  • Today I collect something else: I collect the tags from the clothes I buy. I thing they can be so pretty and I hate throwing it out. Instead I hang up my favourites on my little pinboard, as you see on the picture.
  • I'm pretty good at drawing and painting. Maybe I should do a throwback post someday?
  • I talk A LOT, and I talk FAST. When I was younger I talked so fast that not even my parents understood me. Now I've trained to talk slow, but i HATE it, for me it is like talking in slow motion, even though I for "normal people" sound normal.
  • My favourite chocolate is nougat, and I once ate so much that i threw up - then ate more again.
  • I've never puked from drinking alcohol - instead I get really embarrassing, and talk louder and faster when drinking.
  • When I'm excited, scared or nervous ( Or put salt on my food, or have other small things between my fingers) I do something really weird with my fingers. I cannot explain it, but I kinda look like a hamster!?
  • My favourite subject in school is Religion, but i hate the subject History
  • I'm really easy to scare. I never watch scary movies or any movies with lots of blood and a lot of tension. I had nightmares over the movie "The nice guys" which was said to be one of the funniest movies of 2016 - basically I can only watch stupid love stories, because I', a cry baby
  • I'm scared od the mask from the "scream" movies - you know the white ones with the big, black, open mouth. I cry when I see them. I was once scared from one wearing that mask when I was younger and ever since every mask freaks me out.
  • I used to play a lot of badminton. I was really good and one year I was actually the second best in Denmark (yeah, I lost the final, but we don't talk about that) I don't play anymore because of school, but I would love to play it again as a hobby when I'm done with school.
  • I have had german for 6 years now, and I choose it on the highest level in high school - but I suck. I have not failed a test yet, but I'm so scared I will fail the exam - send help if you're german!
  • I've hugged Taylor Swifts mom
  • I've only been on an airplane twice. I'm not scared of flying, to be honest it is more comfortable than riding the bus in Denmark - I'm afraid of the airport.
  • I work at H&M and absolutely love it, but when I was younger I hated shopping (Duh, look where I am now!?)
  • I have always watched the danish version of "dancing with the stars" with my mom, and my dream is to join one day, but I CANNOT dance - not even when I'm drunk and tries to be sexy. (I cannot be sexy either)
  • I had my first kiss when I was 12 ;-)
  • Me and my boyfriend met each other 4 years ago, and when I first met him he actually scared me so much. We met at the bus and I sat next to him and he asked if I wanted to listen to what kinda music he liked - he showed me Norwegian Heavy Metal. I was scared - but apparently it worked because this December we have been together for 4 years.
  • If people tell me to tell a story I have two stories: I have the happiest story from my childhood, which I've written two danish assignment about (one for my exam) and I was told that my life sounded like I was Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren. The other story is the funniest story I can, I cry of laughter EVERY time I tell it; the story about how drunk my boyfriend got last summer when we where on holiday on the tiniest little Island in Denmark and we had to drive him home in the middle of the night and then....

That is it for now! Maybe I'll tell some of these stories some day, stay around ;-)

Until next time,
x Sofie


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