Friday, 1 September 2017

Autumn moodboard - my inspiration

DAY 5! - Fashion week on Somewhere Scandinavian

Most of my inspiration to my style I get through the social medias. Instagram is my way of getting to know a lot of brands, and see how they tell their story. For to be honest, that is what my Instagram - and my style - is about: showing you my story and my personality.

Choosing to post pictures of myself the way that I do, and the way I choose to write about myself and my life, is showing you a lot of my life (The amount of what I share is bigger than the amount of what I not share) and showing you who I am. And when I follow people, brands ect. and I see their photo pop up i my feed, it's also a little part of their story. And each of their stories become a part of my inspiration to create my own story. I take a few bips and bops from every photo I like, sometimes I even find them so special, that I "save" the photo with the new Instagram function. And I find myself looking through my saves - keep coming back for inspiration for my next story, my next outfit.

Here I've collected a few of the pieces, that inspired me and will be a part of my autumn. I've paired them with my latest saves from Instagram. This time showing you my story through others story.

Autumn is for me brown, warm colours but also the light summer colours. Summer pieces and knit wear. Taking the photo of you feet in a pile of leaves. Going to an art museum. Drinking coffee and hot cocoa in caf├ęs or outside our garden with blankets around me. It's my favourite season for fashion, and the warm, but also cold days that create the perfect light in my room. All of these things I will try to show you, write my story about this autumn. Here.

Until next time,
x Sofie


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