Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Orange, Lemons & Flowers

I don't know about the weather where you live, but in Denmark it has rained (almost) non-stop everyday the past 5 days. And I'm goddamn tired of it!
Today I actually thought we would have a day of sunshine - and yes, the sun actually shined for a few hours without any cloud on the sky, believe it or not! But just as you thought the weather had turned, the sky broke and it poured down - again. At least I saw a beautiful rainbow.

It's that time of year, when you don't really know what to wear. It can be so cold and rainy in the morning, but when you reach the p.m. hours it can be sunny and warm and you are dying in the sweather you choose in the morning, just in case.
I here have the perfect outfit for that kind of day (to be honest it is the perfect outfit for a danish summer/ autumn day - there is no difference).

I wore a orange body stocking with low back into my favouirte chked pants with frills at the bottom. Over the top I wore this lovely, but light sweater - easy to take off if the sun decide to show. (And to be honest with you this shoot was taken on a summerday in July and I took it off right after the shoot as it was maybe the hottest day this summer - only to wear it again in the evening when it was raining cats and dogs again)

The secret to this kind of weather is layers, my friends. I know I always talk about layers, but I love that style! And it is very practical for a weather that changes as much as a girl changes her clothes (Katy Perry right there)

Location: Dragør, old habour

I wore:

 Sweather from Samsøe Samsøe
 Bodystocking from Zara
 Pants from H&M
 Shoes from H2O sportswear
 Bag from Mango
 Earrings from @nmersaljewelry
 Scarf used as headband from a 2nd hand shop


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