Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Scandinavian DNA

When you think Scandinavia you think minimalism, jewellery, food, furniture design - Something simple but yet in the best quality you can imagine.
You think of Scandinavian as a whole, but the truth is we are very much the same, but even more different.

Sooner or later it had to come. It is in my name; Somewhere Scandinavian. It is one of the most popular styles in fashion and people want to know how to do it. We are going to talk about the Scandinavian style. 

This is how I see it:
Sweden is very minimalistic, it's black and white and clean. See the first picture above; It's Elin Kling - to me one of the persons who represent the Swedish take on the Scandinavian style.
In the middle, we see Janka Pollani, my take on the Norwegian side of dressing Scandinavian. To me, in Norway, they keep it neutral in colours, but they are way more "decorated". They love their accessories!; bags, shoes, pearls ect.
And now for my homeland: Denmark! To me, we are the colourful minimalistic. We love adding colour to our style; but not too much colour - only the same colour in one outfit. As seen here in the last photo, Pernille Theisbæk in a classic outfit; simple elements: A hoodie, a skirt, socks and sneakers - all kept in the shades of blue.

So it is really hard to say if there is a Scandinavian fashion DNA, for to be honest we are all different but inspired by the same core.
We are all learning from each other, inpired by our neighbours (here, the countries). We are in a life where we get inspired from everything we fill our lives with; for example, instagram takes the hell of a lot of time from me, but when I stop scrolling I'm also inspired and happy for the new ideas I've found.

When we live in such a technical world it is for me really important not to do the easy "copy paste" and just copy every look I see on Instagram - I would love to wear those outfits, don't misunderstand that! But I would love it even more if we just could be inspired by what we see and take this inspiration and make it to our own creation instead of copying and stealing.

I think that must be the number one rule in Scandinavian style and in fashion in general: Be inspired, do not steal.
Let your personality, or the society you feel a part of, inspire your look; if it is for the Norwegians to be decorated or for the Daneses to be colourfull; let them be. As long as you are inspired and feel comfortable in what you feel a part of.

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