Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Season for boots

Septmber is one of my all time favourite months. I love that you still can have a few warm days, but not hot like the summer where you almost die from the heat. I love that you have those chill mornings where the grass is still wet, but how the sun shines bright and orange and wakes everything up. I love how the sky looks even further away and the clouds are up so high that you actually can imagine the endless universe somewher behind all that baby-blue colour. I love how you begin finding you sweaters, your jackets, your scarfs and last but not least you boots.

September is here! And that means it is oficially okay to dust off your boots after a long and "warm" summer ( I clearly didn't clean off these Doc. Martens before the shoot...)

For me I love shoes, and as the season changes my favourite shoes changes with it. I keep changing my mind; I don't have a favourite shoe I jyst goddamn loves shoes in general!
But I do love a good boot :-P

Each of my pairs of shoes has a different story, and I thought I would shoes them with you.
I have already told you the story of my Vans, and according to my views you guys loved that! Read it HERE
I've also showed you all my shoes HERE, but I've thought about doing an updated one?

Well, enough self promotion! Read on!

My golden boots means a lot to me. They are just my cheap ones from H&M, but I must say the quality is really good, because I've worn them so much and in every weather (not snow!). They even survived dancing, drunk me on my 18th birthday and they still look so good! I walk amazing in them and my feet never hurts after wearing them - as I said i danced a whole evening in them on my birthday.
One funny thing about my golden boots and why I love them so much, is because I think they are like me. I have the exact same pair in black, but I've never worn them as much as I've worn the golden ones. I think it says a lot about my style and who I am as a person. My shoes says 100 words more about me, that I would ever be able to describe myself. I'm brave, confident and sexy when I wear them - but still funny and doesn't take myself too seriously. I think they are the perfect in-between for me. But I just love how I sparkle and how my personality is shown outside of me when I wear them. And when I'm not wearing them I'm still the golden boot, and the rest is the average, black boot.

My brown boots are from Forever21 and where my last buy in London in 2015. They are the exact same colour as my brown leather jacket and it looks so good with a pair of blue jeans, the boots, a white sweater and the leather jacket. For me that would be the ultimate "autumn in London" outfit. These shoes screams London at me, and screams for me to go back again. And I will.

By black, low Chealsea-boot is from Bianco (dansih brand) and the newest add to my boots-collection. They are from last winter and let me just tell you how amazing this boot is. I know I said I wasn't the black boot, but the golden one. But these boots are just a classic and every girl needs them! They are worm, survived snow and go with everything from skirts, dresses and jeans. Best buy ever! (maybe not THE best, but one of them)

Until next time,
x Sofie


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