Sunday, 3 September 2017

Sunday reading

One week is over, and so is this blogs fashion week. I hope you've enjoyed my little fashion week for you, inspired by what I experienced at Copenhagen Fashion Week.
I'm still super excited and inspired from the event with Zalando - so this might not be the last you have heard of fashion week for this time. (Also fashion week is back this winter in Feb, so hopefully I can get even more material then, if school is not killing me by then and I have to stay home)

Anyway! I would like to know what you think about a whole week dedicated to one topic, and if I should do it again - maybe with some other topic like love, friendship, food - ect. Whatever you would like to see! Get in touch!

And if you just checked in now, and don't know what I'm talking about - What is this Fashion Week? Let me tell you: I wrote a post every single day of this week, inspired by when I attended an event at Copenhagen Fashion week with Zalando.
So just you snuggle in with a cup of coffee this Sunday morning, and read through this weeks posts down below and get updated before new post next week (not a theme-week, so only 3 posts coming this week!)

MONDAY:  Autumn 2017 trends 

TUESDAY:  My autumn wishlist

WEDNESDAY:  The talent scene: Mai Svanhvit SS18

THURSDAY:  How will I dress this autumn and will I follow the trends?

FRIDAY:  Autumn moodboard inspiration 

SATURDAY:  Outfits of the week


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