Monday, 25 September 2017

Travel: Past, future, NOW!

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know I just booked my ticket for a 2-week trip to New Zealand! It's very exciting for me, as I never have been the girl to travel by flight.

I will here take you through the "exciting" life of my travels:

The past:
As a little girl, until 9th grade, as a 16-year old, I had never been on an aeroplane. My family and I always did those "stay-cations" (at that time, it was not a term) in Denmark. We had Sejerø, as you by know now is there Island where my moms side of the family is from and my mom was born, and we went there a lot on the weekends when I was younger. When I was 6 years old, my dad inherited a house in Sweden, which is now the place of my best memories and my favourite place in the world. We go there every summer, and sometimes also in springtime and over the autumn-break.
We have also been to other places in Denmark like Blokhus, Skagen and Lalandia - But Sweden and Sejerø is what for me is a holiday

London - June 2015:
In 7th grade I had less than 24 hours in Berlin for a Taylor Swift concert, I would not say it counts as a travel, but I thought I would mention it.
Taylor Swift is what leads me on to my first real travel. Two years after the Berlin-concert I manage my mother to allow me to go to London for a Taylor Swift concert with my friends Johanne (who I had tried hard to make a Taylor-fan in two years, and instead she became my best friend who travelled with me to London anyway). We were in London for 5 days, and we flew straight after our graduation of public school.
London was so perfect and magical for me, as it was my first time outside of Scandinavian, it was my first time on an aeroplane, and it was my first time with Johanne (who after the summer, 2 months after London, flew to Austria for a year as an exchange student. London got os closer, and we made it through one year without seeing each other) London was special for me.

Rome - March 2017:
I went to Rome with my class this year. It was a completely another way of travelling compared to London. We were a group of 25 students and 2 teachers. But it felt great to be on your own, going to bars late at night, drinking a beer, and find your way home to the hotels and not be too nervous about it all. I could feel myself on that holiday, being older and feeling more responsible and yet being young and stupid enough to not sleep for 18 hours and going to the airport drunk (By the way, all 25 of us was drunk) - it was hilarious!

The future:

The next 6 months I will be travelling as never before. In 4 weeks I'm sitting in a nice, French restaurant with my boyfriend and his family in Nice. I'm going to Nice for a week, and I'm so excited to see a little sun again, as the summer in Denmark was disappointing and ended way too quickly. 
Then I'm in Berlin (This time for real!) with my German class for 4 days in March. I cannot wait to actually see the city I had one of the best memories in  [The Swift concert]. I'm excited to get closer to my friends and the class before the exams in June!

And then in the end of March until the beginning of April (two weeks), I'll be in New Zealand visiting Johanne (who again moved far away from me for a year) and her family. I cannot wait, and I cannot wait to see her again and get these memories and experiences with her. 

The non-booked, nor planned travels:
I still have dreams. I graduate from high school in June, and after that, I'm free - until I choose myself to start education again. I plan to use a lot of time on working, getting a lot of money, moving to Copenhagen, and hopefully explore more of Europe and (hopefully) Asia and other unknown places for me. 

Leave tips for my travels down below, or contact me on Instagram and ect.

Until next time, 
x Sofie 


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