Sunday, 1 October 2017

A sunday night

SMART The Prodcast

Sleeping mask from Hünkemöller

Sunday is my favourite day. It's the day where I take the whole day off to do things that needs to be done (today I'm cleaning my room) or I just lay in bed watching netflix the whole day ect. I like Sunday, because it's a day filled with Me-time. As I've spoken about earlier, it's so important to remember ourselves, as we often can forget ourselves in our busy lives. Sundays are for remembering ourselves.

Sunday night is the best night of the week. You feel happy and relaxed after a day without stress, after a day with no worries over school or work. I'm here sharing with you, what I have at my night table, all things I love having close to me on a Sunday night, as I feel the most inspired there.

I like listening to a prodcast, at the moment I'm listening to SMART The Prodcast - I'll talk more about that this coming week. And while I just listen to pure inspiration I like to write in this Graditude Journal that was a gift from one of my best friends. I write down 3 things that was good about today. I also have a notebook for every idea I might get, either for my life, for a blogpost or for a christmas gift (I know, way too early to think about Christmas - It's not even halloween!)

I'm just saying, you need to stop and remember yourself sometimes. If you take off a whole day, take off 1 hour every single day or if you just have a Sunday night is up to you - as long as you remember you and you can feel yourself being happy and relaxed!

Graditude journal from Kikki.K | Notebook from Julie Fagerholt Heartmade, gift from Costume Magazine


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