Thursday, 5 October 2017

Body Hero

I follow Glossier on Instagram, and absolutely love their photos and campaigns, but their new campaign "Body Hero" totally surprised me - in a good way!

I first heard of their new "Body Hero" products in a prodcast, as I talked about in my last post HERE. The prodcast talked so nicely about the campaign and the brand Glossier, that I had t go and check it out on their website. And Oh. My. God! I need every product they make!

First of all I absolutely love their slogans: "Skin first. Make-up second" I love the "no make-up, make-up look" they want to create, and how it's important for them, that the skin is healthy before you can put any make up on it.

Glossiers "Body Hero" posters is what I love so much about these new products. I love how they show every woman, at any age, any body shape. You can see the natural body with all its folds on the stomach - every person has them, just look! But yet all these women look amazing, and look at how glowy it is! They look so healthy and happy. You can really see the "Skin first, make-up second" shine through.

Now I'm just talking nicely about products I've never used. I really hope to get my hands on some of their products and tell you guys about them. Currently, they don't ship out of US and Canada, but I hope it soon changes into Worldwide shipping!

Has any of you tried out their products? Are they wotrh the Instagram hype?

What do you love about YOUR body, and what makes YOU a hero in your life and over your body? What makes you a Body Hero?
I would love tot alk to you on social medias!

Until next time,
X Sofie

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