Saturday, 23 December 2017

Cozy and classy | Christmas outfits

There is two kind of people during Christmas. There are the ones who dress up and try to make everything perfect, and there are the ones who stay in a big sweater the whole month and who never really cares.
I'm both

This morning we decorated the Christmas tree and I kept running around trying to make it all perfect when I didn't think my brothers or cousins hang up the right ball at the right place. But that is just me, I love things looking pretty (Just look at my Instagram - even just look at my camera roll, every photo is of something pretty and perfect, even though they are never going to see the daylight at my Instagram). I wrap my presents really pretty, I place everything nicely on the table for dinner, I like my desk to be cleaned up, even though no one is ever going to see this part of my life. I don't know why I am like this. I've always been a little too much into pretty ad perfect things (Remember I told you I collect the tags from clothed because I think they're pretty and I can't throw them out, yup!)

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But on the other hand, I don't give a f*ck. Let it be as it is because life cannot be perfect all the time. Sometimes I just want to post not-pretty-pictures on my Instagram, because my life isn' pretty all the time, I just try to make it that way. And during Christmas, everything can't go after my head.
We are a really big family and a lot of small children who don't care if things are pretty and cleaned up - like with the Christmas tree this morning. And sometimes it is good for me to experience this and just let go and say "oh well".

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The messy-look: A sweater from a second-hand shop. Skirt from Zara. Chasmere tights from H&M. Socks from Happy Socks. Scrunchie-headband from Flying Tiger. 

I've thought about this lately - and there is a lot more behind it which I will tell you about later. But for now I've put this though into two outfits: One classy, put together, suit-look, and one cozy-messed. ugly sweater-like look. And I feel comfortable in both. they are both me-like. I've begun to feel comfortable in the messy-look and want to show that side of myself too. So here they are. The two different kinds of persons that is me - and who I'm trying to make one, who is still Instagramable even though it's not picture perfect all the time. 

The classy-look: Suit from Selected Femme. T-shirt from Vila. Necklace from Jane K√łnig. 

Until next time, 
x Sofie


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