Saturday, 16 December 2017

Life Lately #6 - why I've been away

HI GUYS! Damn I've missed you! I will try and make this short and sweet, but we all know that I'm not too good at that...

My last post about being a nerd was serious, and I wanted it to be there for a week or so to sink in an for me to think about as well. But I didn't mean for it to take 2 months but everything went crazy!
After I uploaded the blogpost "Am I A Nerd?" - and by the way, I've never gotten as many messages about a blogpost before, so I'm happy you liked it, as it was hard to write! But after I uploaded it I left for one week in Nice, France.

Nice was the most amazing vacation I've ever been on, and I miss it so badly, and I think it will always have a place in my heart. - SO MUCH MORE TO COME!

 When I came back from Nice I was tired and had to go back straight to school which meant I was a little behind and I had to catch up and everything. After a few days at home and my head felt at home again, I got the sad news, that a couple close to me and my family was going through a divorce. It was and still is a hard time for both me, my boyfriend and my family in general. I've never felt heartbroken, without it actually being my heart that was broken. It has been a time filled with sadness, anger and confusion and I had to be there for my family, and that is why I haven't said a word on the blog. I was speechless. For the first time ever, I didn't know how to write a single word. I didn't even know how to pick up my boyfriend, because it had always been him who has been my rock.
Dealing with all of this, while preparing for my big SRP assignment was hard - and still doing my normal homework and assignments was even harder. I had to focus on Troels, our relationship, my school and myself.

SO that's it. That's why. But I'm back! And I'm so happy. I've missed it. I've missed Somewhere Scandinavian. I have missed my blog. My baby blog. - and you.

But here is what happened after:

Good things also happened! I finally met my friend Shannon, who I met over 3 years ago on the internet. She is from Australia and currently lives in London. She flew to see me for 5 days and we had the best time exploring Copenhagen and my area. True friendship!

I also had my last galla (prom) which you probably have  seen on Instagram by now! It was so much fun. I was so in love. It was magical. It was just such a good night.

Troels and I, in the middle of sadness, never felt better. We are so happy and so in love. We are currently planning our future - we might soon get our own apartment. But that is scary to think about, so nothing more said about that!
But we did celebrate 4 years together the 8th of December. We had lunch, wore matching socks and was in love - and still are. And forever will be.

Right now, I'm home. No more school before 2018. I'm writing the big SRP assignement now. I've already written 18 pages in 7 days, and i have 7 days left to finish it. When I hand it in on Friday the 22nd, I will be off to Christimas Holidays with my family! - And finally sleep again! I can tell you, you don't sleep when you write SRP, still have work, a social life, a family, a boyfriend, a future, friends and "pets" (my lazy dog that doesn't want to go for a walk, she sleeps all the time. I think she thinks she is a cat?)

So I guess that was my last 2 months in short. Well, I tried. Today I worked for 7 hours, and tomorrow I'll work for 12 hours. Happy weekend... or something!

I plan to do a lot more to the blog now!

Thank you for sticking by. Thank you for reading this. Thank you for caring.


Until next time,
x Sofie


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