Saturday, 6 January 2018


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Hi loves, I'm back in English!

It's the first weekend in the new year and I'm back to reality and school again which made me realise how much I need a calendar, planners, list and just really an overview over my life. So that's what this weekend is about: getting my life in control again after 4 weeks away from school and any type of planning.

I have a small calendar where I write everything in - it's easy to have with me in my bag and everything goes in there. It's my main b*tch when it comes to planning.
Then I have a weekly overview, here I write the subjects I have in school, which days I have homework or assignment ect. I write when I have to work, and I detail down what I'm going to do that day. Example: Two hours of philosophy class / Two hours of German class / One hour of History / Leaving school early! / Go to the city: Meet Troels, go to the bookstore. I've shown you in a video before HERE, do you want me to do a new one, where I explain it again? I've made a few changes in my way of planning, I think.
The I have a monthly overview where I just write in work, dentist appointment, travels ect. Sometimes it's easier for me to see small boxes in one go, rather than just one page in a calendar or the detailed weekly plan. If I'm stressed I will use this monthly one, as it only says one thing every day.
And then I, of course, have all of my small post-it where I write down things I have to remember ect - I'm sure most of us have them!

This year I had the hardest struggle to find the monthly printables I used last year for my monthly overview, that started with Monday and not Sunday (who would start their week on a Sunday anyway?!). I actually started making my own monthly overview, but then I came across Oh So Lovely - and yes, it's oh so lovely! She has amazing printables and exactly what I'm looking for. As you might have seen on Instagram this morning, I use the plain simple one, but she has the prettiest patterns and flowers to decorate your calendar, so it becomes more than just a printable. So thank you, Audrey, from Oh So Lovely!

And who knows, maybe next year I'll have my own printables to share?

Until next time,
x Sofie

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