Wednesday, 14 February 2018

140218 | Valentines Day And Thoughts About Everyday Life

Today is Valentines Day. To me a day like any other day. I'm not a fan of Valentines Day, to be honest, I think it's a typical American thing, that the rest of the world take into their traditions just for the supermarkets, the shops ect. to earn money on and trick us all with special "Valentine offers". I mean, it's great that we celebrate love - but shouldn't we celebrate love always?

I know that the "everyday life" can take over our lives and daily routines and we forget because it's all just about getting through the day. It feels like we get less than 24 hours per day for every day that passes by. It can be hard, in a world moving faster than ever, to remember the love and remember to say those special three words (I love you) to the people we care about. Then, I think it's great that one day a year, the American traditions tell us to stop up and remember those three little words.

Myself, I'm bad at remembering it too. Especially at the moment. It's a tough time and when I come home from school I'm so exhausted. Every little drop of energy is taken from me and I'm too tired to do anything. I snarl at my family and I'm a bad girlfriend always in a bad mood at the moment. Even though I love these people and they didn't do anything, I let my frustration hit them instead of the people who actually are the ones to piss me off. I shouldn't let my frustration hit anyone at all, but sometimes we tend to do it towards the people we love because we know they love us too no matter what even when we hiss at them.

Troels and I have now been together for over 4 years and we feel safe. We have had our ups and downs, but even the worst of all things we have battled together and won. If it wasn't meant to be we would be far away from each other by now. But we aren't. So it wasn't going to be all about my love life, even though I've never been more in love with him - so moving on!:
Troels and I promised each other many years ago, that we would try our hardest to not be that "everyday life couple" who just are together because of the routines. When you have been together for so many years, of course, it is hard not to get a routine, and when we move together in a few years it will be even more marked by routines.

So we try to break that pattern sometimes. If it is that we eat lunch out once every second month or if it is to go ice skating or go to the movies or even just going for a walk instead of walking straight home, so let it be it. Do something that isn't everyday-like for you. If you eat out a lot maybe try to cook a meal at home together and go grocery shopping together for it -break the routines sometimes. I sleep on the right side of the bed and T sleeps on the left side of the bed - switch sides, maybe that is enough if you don't want to start out too big with changing your everyday life.

As a high school student it's hard to always have the time to go out and eat or do all of these things at all actually - I'm not going to try and sound holy or like I've broken the code to the deepest secret of the world on how not to become tired of each other. As a stressed high school student, I sometimes find it hard to put my homework away, even though school on my brain ruins my mood. So for me, I can't always go have a nice, insagramable lunch and work on bringing love into my everyday life, I just can't because I do have 24 hours in the day like everyone else and not 30.
But what I do - or try to do - is to stop snarling at Troels the moment he walks in because I'm stressed. I now try to put away the stuff that stresses me and let Troels be my knight who saves me from these things, instead of letting him be the one I complains to and huff and puff at. I try to enjoy our time together instead of ruining it with my mood. That is how I try to put love into my everyday life filled with routines - take time for myself and the people I love when I can feel myself getting stressed.

As younger, I was once asked, what I wished to experience. I said to love and be loved and love in return. When I was 15 I was asked what the best feeling was. I answered to love and be loved in return. I wrote it on a big wall with all the other answers (see Instagram here and blogpost here). When I was 18 I was at a Thanksgiving dinner asked what I was thankful for and I answered to love and be loved in return. Yesterday I saw this photo above on Instagram, and it made me so happy that my thoughts and feelings were shared out in the world. I hope this photo will be seen a lot and will make you think of what I've said about bringing love into your everyday life and not only on Valentines Day.
So take Valentines Day 2018 to bring love into your everyday life and let it stay and not only for today but also all the other 365 days of the year.

Until next time,
x Sofie

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